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The Tibtop® shin guard:

2016 - Bakary KAMARA designed a shin guard under the Tibtop® brand name which was inspired by the very best of what is available at the highest level of the game (professional football). The materials used give Tibtop® shin guards the following properties:

- Protection: complies with the EC EN 13061 standard for the certification of articles intended for individual protection in sport.

- Lightweight: one of the most lightweight on the market, weighing less than 42 grams, so it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it and it causes no discomfort.

- Flexibility: one size design (approximately 15cmx10cm) with flexible and resistant hinges that are suited to all morphologies.

- Comfort: extra-thin (6mm thick), and created using foam that is non-slip on the skin and is above all hypoallergenic.