How to choose your shin guard?

How to choose your shin guard?

   06/15/2021 17:31:51    0 Comments

Many players do not like wearing shin guards under their socks - For some football is only about shoes, shorts and ball - But let's be serious, whether you are a professional player, the future Aubameyang or Neymar, whether you are playing striker, midfielder, goalkeeper or defender it is more than necessary to have a really good protection!

The important points to check to avoid any shin damaged are:

Quality: At TIBTOP the shell is made of polycarbonate, a material reputed to be unbreakable, like carbon. Our foam is hypoallergenic to avoid allergy and non-slip, no need for adhesive tape on your socks!

The origin: To have good a quality protection, to avoid allergies or other contact eczema, be sure to know the origin of your shin pads. TIBTOP made the choice to have a 100% made in France product.

Check if pro players wear them: The best way to valuate the quality is to see if they are worn by professional players. Because at TIBTOP there no products intended only for professional footballers : every football player deserve a high quality product, regardless of his level. You will wear exactly the same products that we provide to our ambassadors like Aubameyang (Arsenal FC / 2 Gabon national team), Lacazette (Arsenal FC), Icardi (Paris Saint Germain), Marquinhos (PSG and Brazil national team) and all other professional players who trust us.


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