• Custom shin pad nation France
  • Custom shin pad nation France
Custom shin pad nation France

Custom shin pad nation France

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Custom shin pad nation France 


Custom shin pads - France

Enjoy Tibtop® shin pads in your country’s colors. A very high-quality product with innovative technical characteristics 100% made in France.  Add your Name and number to fully personalized your shin guards Add your name and number to your shin pads With ou personalization tool, you can add so easily the name and number of your choice. Total Customization.

Technical characteristics

The light highly resistant shell combined with hypoallergenic, non-slip foam provides optimal protection. Tibtop® shin pads are one size and their proportions are suited to all morphologies, leg lengths and diameters. Thanks to their exceptionally light weight of 42 grams and thickness of only 6mm, it is really easy to forget you’ve even got them on. The shin pads can be held in place by TIBTOP® supports. They can be used indiscriminately on the left leg or the right leg. They are totally interchangeable.

Do no wash in the washing machine, simply wipe down with a towel or damp cloth and leave to air Sold by pair. Delivered within 5 to 8 days

Data sheet

  • Compositions

    Non-slip, hypoallergenic foam
    Polycarbonate shell

  • Dimensions

    One size. 7 to 10 cm wide and moulds to the shape of the tibia perfectly